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Morgan Webb in Maxim Magazine

Morgan Webb in Maxim Magazine

Hang on, I have to reread a previous entry to properly word this...

So a while back I ranted about various TechTV girls potentially posing for the Playboy publication and decided that personally I would not want Morgan Webb to pose nude. It seems that since then she decided to pose for another men's magazine - Maxim. I know this because I subscribe (I read it for the captions and pass it on to my friend, Trina, to cut up and turn into holiday cards.).

So I saw her pictures and as excited as I was initially to see her all sexied up and somewhat less covered in cloth (I am a heterosexual geek male, after all) I subsequently felt disappointed. Why? Well, the pictures showed off none of her personality which is a big part of what makes her cute and attractive. The Maxim shoot just painted her up like a floozy (bad makeup job, honestly), colored her hair way too dark, and just had her pose in unoriginal ways. It was boring and slutty and not at all interesting. Sorry, I guess that's a bit redundant.

I did like the clothes she wore, they were kind of cool.

I don't know, at least I can't seem to find a way to verbalize this well. The pictures were too slutty, she had too much bad makeup on her, and they didn't have enough fun/creativity with the whole gaming theme. And she didn't look like she had a good time doing this, either. She has a brilliant smile and should have featured it in at least one of the pictures, minimum.

The pictures didn't look like her. Rather, they looked like an approximation of a doppleganger. I found her much sexier on any episode of TSS or XPlay. Unfortunately I don't have cable now, though even if I did I wouldn't have TechTV. It has been swallowed by that Mecca of anuses that is G4. Harsh? Yes. Unqualified ? Almost certainly. I only know what I read on WWDN and other various protester's blogs. Hmm, they did have that one cool exposè on Homestar Runner et al.
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