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Geek lust

God Damn it. I had most of the post written in another window and I copied it to post it here but in the meanwhile I copied something else to paste in the music entry and lost my post. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Sigh, I'll rewrite.

Anyway, this post started out as a response to the previous jackleg post about Morgan Webb, but then I decided it grew long enough to stick it in its own entry.

First of all I'd like to waste a line or two of space in agreeing that Morgan Webb is the hottest woman on TechTV. That being said, I'd like to add:
  1. All of the woman in the Playboy poll are very very sexy except for Melanie Kim who to me looks like a Hallowe'en mask. Freaky; and not in a good way freaky. Not, "That woman is a (super)freak," but rather, "That freak is a woman." It could be the lighting or the makeup, but whether on the Playboy pictures or TechTV clips she does not look sexy to me at all. And that's what it's all about, isn't it, folks? Shallow, yes, but it's a frickin' sex mag. Moving on...
  2. Morgan Webb is both HotTM and CuteTM. Different concepts here. To me hot is sexual, aggressive. Cute is more passive, coy, un-self-conscious or even unconscious. Morgan is too cute to pose, for if she does she will lose that modest cuteness and that is what makes her attractive; that tomboyishness, that childlike glee in games. She seems to not even know she's hot, and cute is a part of her nature, her personality. Hot is more basely physical. At least in my mind. So after all this rambling, I think she should not pose. But do not despair...
  3. Sarah Lane is hot, no argument. Should she pose? Sure, why not? Personally, I have too little emotional investment as a fan in her so I don't care too much either way. She has my blessing, but while she has my blessing I'll be down here talking about point number four.
  4. Laura Swisher: Hot, spicy, saucy, why am I hungry all of a sudden? I love her exotic but not too exotic eyes, that fun curly, kinky hair, and all the fun she has on Unscrewed. I would love to see her pose and mix it in with her show and make Marty Sergeant the sidekick instead. He's fun, but annoying at times.
  5. Kitty Cat Schwartz. If you're a guy (an maybe if you're a gal) and a big fan of TSS or CFH or just Cat there's a good chance you've already seen her naked. Problem was it was accidental on her part and conditions (pose, that cigarette) weren't optimal for such a display. I definitely think she should seriously consider posing in Playboy. Why? First, she's definitely hot. Second, she looks very good in a bikini, as evidenced by her intentional posed photographs on her website. Third, it would be a great way to turn her shame from the accidental nudity into a "fuckyouall, I'm sexy and confident and I don't care if you like it or not" situation. She could wow her naysayers, and I know there were a lot of them after her mishap. And she would be making the hair, makeup, lighting, and camera people really work for her. Nobody looks perfect; everybody knows (or should know) that magazine, TV, and movie beauties go through hours of makeup and stand in perfect lighting and in perfect relation to the camera to look artificially beautiful (not to mention the countless shots and takes that end up on the cutting room floor and the plastic surgery and whatnot some folks go through). I don't think it would be a bad thing for one of the "normal" people (very loose treatment of the term here, folks) to use some of those tools to see what they would look like as a glamorous supersex symbol (all the while wowing their fans, naysayers, and strangers alike, boosting their own self esteem, and exploring the life of their glamorous other self).
Whew. Rant rant rant.

Two final items:
  • "If You Win, Will You Pose? Yeah. If it's a tie, will you offer it to the two of us?" --Cat Schwartz


  • How funny was it that played porn music underneath the audio of the ladies' introductory montages? That's right, it was very funny.
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