Katie (fatesclotho) wrote in jackleg,

Productivity is COOL!

So I actually did stuff today. No shit! Here's what I did:

1) went to class. THREE TIMES!!!!
2) took a test
3) turned in scholarship forms
4) mailed in my dues/acceptance to Phi Kappa Phi honor society (yes, I know it sounds greek, but I don't have to pledge, screw you, it looks good on my grad school app.)
5) ate
6) watched tv
7) read
8) smoked

Ok, so 5-8 are lame, but I did do SOME stuff! Oh, and in case you're a huge loser like me and you care, Morgan Webb of X-Play won the "hottest woman of Tech TV" poll. Rock on, Morgan! I only wish I could be as cool as you. Oh, and she has the coolest blog ever that you should really check out. You'd think that she'd talk about tech stuff since she IS the queen of it, but no, it's about why she hates Krispy Kremes and how angry she is that she turned her socks pink. This makes me SO happy. :) That's it for now, be good!
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