Ali-Baba Gannoush (babagannoush) wrote in jackleg,
Ali-Baba Gannoush

Sweet Jebus...

I just saw The Mummy Returns and I swear it had some of the worst special effects I've ever seen. That, and you also know you're in for a rough ride when the story is so contrived the characters in the story continuously make fun of it.

But apart from the embarassing plot and special effects, the characters (or should I say "charicatures") were fun and the chicks were hot. Mmm, Patricia Velasquez or Rachel Weisz? Mmm, after having watched Enemy at the Gates, I gotta go with Rachel Weisz. Damn, she's a sexy woman. There's something about her all dirtied up and in the trenches...

Where was I?

Right. Stupid movie. Hot women.

And she's a librarian. You catch that, Miss Sharp?
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