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Ok, so I have three big qualms with Return of the King that (in my mind) keep it from being the best of the three movies. Here they are:

1) There are some really hokey, stupid, predictable parts in this movie. Now, I know that that's Tolkein's fault, but still...I won't mention them here for those of you who haven't seen/read the books, but COME ON!!! The thing is, the other two movies aren't like that at all--it's like he just got lazy towards the end.

2) Cinematography. In a lot of places, this movie looks like it was shot by a very young Sam Raimi. You know, zooming in and out rapidly, twisting the camera on the X axis, shit like that. It was stupid and annoying.

3) This one's a spoiler, so I'm going to cut to it Ok, this movie has a great ending. Too bad it's 30 minutes from the end. After Frodo and Sam get rescued from the slopes of Mt Doom, I would have loved this movie and thought it was the best of the three if it had ended there. BUT...it didn't. Not by a long shot. it kept going for about 30 mintues. And it's my personal opinion that everything after Mt Doom was appendices (in the great tradition of Tolkein). It was not needed and frankly, it kinda ruined the movie for me. Next time I see it, I'm walking out after Mt Doom. I shit you not. And the one that really, really got me was the sappy-ass reunion scene. It looked like a soap opera. With midgets. What were they thinking?!?

So that's that...it is a good movie, it just has a few problems. Still, go see it, and enjoy it. I think it's well worth it. Here's my final thought on it: Even with these problems, I would PAY to see it a second time.

So what did you think?
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