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Damn commercials

If I have to hear "I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico" one more time I think I might scream.
I used to think that Geico commercials were kinda cool, they were really funny for a while, but these are really annoying.

The new Hardee's commercials are horrible. Making it a point to point out how horrible they were at one time isn't really the best bet. And I don't even think it was ever the "last place I'd go for a burger." I've always liked it, especially their breakfast.

The new pepsi commercial, on the other hand, is great. The hot dog chick and the guy in the pepsi costume. Its great. Hot Dogs love Pepsi. Pepsi loves hot dogs. Its really cute.

And the Citibank identity theft commercials are a little annoying sometimes, but its really clever to show someone speaking but hear the theif's voice.

Anyway, that's my quick two cents.
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